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 Flyff Leveling Guide

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PostSubject: Flyff Leveling Guide   Flyff Leveling Guide Icon_minitimeMon Feb 01, 2010 8:40 pm

A brief level 1-90 guide on how to level and job change on the game Flyff. This guide does not go over quests or builds.

This is just a reminder:

This guide might be inaccurate, Since I do not know what equips you are using, you could have been killing these mobs when you were a lot lower. I tried to base this guide as best as I could off of using NPC sets.

When leveling in Flyff, you need to know what to level on.

Say, you are level 11 and you cannot decide what to train on, whether you should kill Lawolfs, Grownup Lawolfs, or even PukePukes! My guide will take you through the steps, and strategies on what to kill to level up faster.
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Before we get started, for the many people that have made Flyff leveling guides, MOST, if not all of them are based around having an assist, Billposter, or Ringmaster buffing and healing them. I understand that most new people do not know what buffs are.

Buffs – Fighting enhancements, help in combat by improving performance.

Buffs are very useful, once you have reached about level 20, you might want a healer and buffer, it’s hard to find people willing to buff and heal you that are higher level than you. Since you are level 20, assists your level are just now getting their buffs. Most assists don’t max the essential buffs that most people need.

Buffs you will need if you are an assist:

Haste – Increases attack speed, when maxed, attack speed is +25%

Heap Up – Increases Stamina. When maxed, STA level is +40

Cannon Ball – This buff is optional, rangers love this buff and Max Quickstep. It gives +20 DEX when maxed.

Beef Up – Increases Strength level by 20 when maxed.

Resurrection – Billposters (Fighting assist class,) Some have it, some don’t. If your partner dies, you can resurrect them from the dead and save them time from having to come back to you.

Those are the basic buffs that assists need. Some require you to be up to level 30 to use, but don’t worry. It’s not that hard to get there.

Class: Vagrant, level 1-10

On this level you are new to the game and do not know what to expect. Well I am here to tell you so that you do! At level 1-10 you kill the same level as you. Many players will try to say that you need to train on level 3-4’s but if you do, you will die almost instantly from the lack of start off food. The items that you start off with are a partial cotton set (Hat missing) of clothing, a wooden sword, 1 biscuit, 3 lollipops, and something else that I might have forgotten.

Level 1-5: You should work on easy level 1-2 Aibatts, and then work your way up to captains and then burudengs. By the time your done killing Aibatts, press I to go to your inventory, and click-and-drag your food to the F1, F2, F2, and so on buttons. Once completed, all you have to do during battle is press a key and the item activates.

Level 5-10: You should attack Demain Urchains, or pukepukes. By now you should know how to do basic functions such as heal attack, move, speak, and use new items.

Level 10-15 were the hardest levels in vagrant class for me to get through many think alike too. What you should begin leveling on is Lawolfs, Grownup Lawolfs, and Feferns. These get a little bit harder since you are higher levels and you don’t hit a lot.

Before I go ahead into the job change part of this guide, I would like to talk about jobs, money, and upgrades.

In flyff, there are 4 basic jobs. The 4 basic jobs are Acrobat, Assist, Mage, and


Acrobat – Uses YoYo, and can use bow and arrows. Yoyo can knock back enemies (not very strong)(Attack fast)

Assist – Uses stick or knuckle, With stick you can heal/buff people and knuckle you attack with.

Mage – A basic magician, can cast various spells and do a lot of damage. (Weapons say slow, but that’s listed for melee attack speed.)

Mercenary – VERY BORING during the beginning and mostly relies on an assist’s buffs at low levels. At higher levels, they become strong. (attack – Fast – Very fast.)

Job change

By now you should have decided to what you want to become in Flyff. If you haven’t, look above.

Mages – The mage trainer is in Saint Morning and you need to go to the magic shop to buy a blinkwing to go to there. (Eastern town part)

Assists – The assist trainer is in Flaris and should be easy to find.

Mercenary – The Mercenary trainer is right by the Assist trainer.

Acrobat – The acrobat trainer is in Darkon right next to where you teleport to after using a blinkwing.

Level 15-20:

A great time to play, you can use your new attacks, skills, weapons, and you can buy stuff & upgrade too!

So, your level 15 and you want to know what to kill, rather you should kill Feferns still or go on to those weird named Sleaze cats (Nyangnangs). Well as I said in the last part, if you kill things the same level as you, you will not get good exp, in fact, it will reduce by as much as 50%! The right thing to kill is a Nyangnang in that case.

If you have buffs, or a party, then you can go kill bangs, boss bangs, or mutant monsters. A lot of times you don’t know a lot of assists that can stay with you and that keep buffing you. But if you do, then you’re good to go.

So continue to kill level 17-25’s and reach level 20. Once level 20 you will have to be proud of yourself because now you can fly!!!

Fly away little birdie, if you would like, you could increase your flying level, or just continue to train.

Flying Level: Flying level is increased by killing monsters in the sky, not by how much you fly. Different boards are available to buy. For starters, just buy the beginner board.

Easy way to increase flying level

An easy way to increase your flying level is to look at the monster in the air, press TAB. Once done, your monster will be targeted. (For a mage at this point just put on a wand and keep clicking.) For other classes you can then press Z key. You will now be following the monsters. Just put on your weapon and start attacking! (Note: You may have to keep clicking.)

Level 20-30

At this level, you should be able to do a lot of things, such as emotes, know what and Adv party is, and much more. Since you know all of this, you can kill high levels. At level 20 I would recommend killing in Mars mine, or just go to Saint Morning, and kill Wagsaacs, Mias, or flybatts. DO NOT KILL THE GIANTS, THEY WILL KILL YOU FAST!!! THEY HAVE MORE HP THAN YOU. EVEN IF YOU ARE 1-5 LEVELS HIGHER THAN IT, YOU’LL STILL HAVE A GOOD CHANCE AT DYING. Save the Giant Hunting for your higher levels.

If you are a mage, then you kill things a lot quicker and you attack stronger. So if you are a mage you can attack higher levels than others. If you are not a mage, then you have to kill at least 3 levels higher than yourself. (Note: if you are a mage, and then make sure you have a lot of food with you. And not the weak food that’s like dropped by monsters. DON’T BE CHEAP WITH IT!!! It’s worth it.)

Important notes – Hot keys

In flyff, you might have noticed that there are a lot of hot keys – Here is the list of all of them:

I – Inventory


E- Messenger



P-Party control



J-Premium Status



C-Skill use (Action Slot)

L-Lord Menu (This is useless for low levels)



These are VERY important!

Level 30-40

Ok, so know you should know all of the hot keys so we don’t need

to talk about that any more!

At level 30, you should start training on Hobo’s, Rock muscles, Burcows, and dumbulls. If you can, find a good level party to train with and level up high. Once you hit level 34, you don’t want to train on these weak things (well at lease I didn’t) so I killed totemia’s and maid card puppets until I leveled to 40.

Level 40-50

At level 40-50 You should go to Rhisis Garden. (it has a lot of names)

Here you should train on Tombstone Bearers. These are level 43. After you are done killing them, move on to the different types of Basques. After you are done, DO NOT GO TO WHEELEMS, THEY ATTACK 2 TIMES IN A ROW AND KILL YOU FAST!!! JUST STAY AWAY.

Now, go to pranksters. After you are done with pranksters, you should be level 45 or so.

Congratulations! You can now move on to Darkon!!! At these levels, you almost NEED to complete the Office Quests. It’s 17% that you don’t need to train to get.

Level 50-60At level 50-60, you are very excited to be a high level, you start asking around for good builds, info, and so on. The thing that I found useful is this: DON’T!!

Focus on leveling one level at a time, or else you will get super bored and disappointed.

At level 50, you should kill leyenyas, once level 51 just move on to steam walkers.

If you would like more of a challenge, move to Steel Knights, and once your level 54, Kill Nutty Wheels. Many disagree with me, but I say, kill captain drillers, or volts.

Once done you should be about level 57 or so, continue to train on Elderguards. Some think that you should train on cranes when your level 59, I didn’t, Actually I flew to Darkon 3 and killed Dumps, and Grrs. You die too much at level 59 killing cranes also Dumps and Grrs are lower level, this means when you reach their level, your going to be happy you killed them. Less farming or buying your quest items.

So there you go, get to level 60, and have fun! You get a new job, skills, skill points, perception of gameplay, and entered in the dog-eat-dog world called Flyff. It’s a beast out there, good thing you have guides.

It’s finally here, level 60-90. First off, I’d like to thank ALL the people that helped me write this guide, providing me with small corrections, suggestions, and comments. While most of them are positive, I’ve had spam and negative comments. But I understand there are different leveling methods and I respect that. I’ve only deleted 2 posts of very negative content. One of which was a flamer and another was just some random person. Spam was deleted also. Here we go.

Version 11-12: In version 11 and 12, most know about the Cash Shop. Many people buy things from there providing Gala-Net with money to keep the GMs and the game updated on a weekly basis. These ingame items can help you or just make you look better. Yes, I have bought alot of these things. No comments of the “You spend money on a video game?!?” Please keep all those negative comments to yourself.

Azria: Azria is a new Winter-themed place for high levels. The minimum monster there is level 73, which is a Yeti. A Lot of people like Azria due to it’s massive amount of monster spawns. I level there, I am an AoE BP. At level 75 I could round up 80 Mutant Yeti. While this wasn’t a smart way to gain exp, it leveled the party to level 10 when I had a leech with me in one AoE.

If you hadn’t known this already, being in a full, Advanced party gives more exp for both you and a leech. If you do not have a leech with you, you won’t get as much exp.

This also levels the party. Leveling a party help you get party points, you can use party skills with these points. Using party skills can help your drop rate for special, or rare items. They can also increase your damage rate.

At level 60 you should be fighting either Grrs, Scylias, Cranes, or Dumps. Doing this will allow you to get exp, and drops at the same time. Quest items are needed at this level, whether it’s to farm them and sell for money, or to complete your quest and get your experience.

You should move on to Mongs once you are level 65, after a few levels there, if you can, kill CarrierBombs, Nautrephys, Boos, or Hoppres. These get difficult for people that are impatient to get quest items from. I know, I’m very impatient, so I just bought mine.

After these monsters are done, you should be about level 68-70. This is just an estimate. You can get powerleveled, sure, but that takes all the things you play for away. Being a tough, grinding, focused player. Yeah, you could guess it, I got power leveled too. Most of the population has gotten power leveled at this time, they get so bored that they just want to level up and use more equipment. So that makes you feel that your not alone.

From level 70, you get the hang of what you have to do instead of get power leveled all the time. That’s right, GRIND. Don’t pickup your drops anymore, don’t be a noob, just kill, one after another, nonstop. This is what your going to be facing for the rest of your Flyff life. Now, you should STILL be training on these monsters, just not the Nautrephys and Boos. Carriers and Hoppres are what I trained on. I stayed at Hoppres for… About 5 levels.

Until now I was 1v1 BP. Now I restated and reskilled to an AoE build. Very happy I did, too. AoE builds level you up SO much faster than a 1v1. You just need to know your limits, and exceed them, be prepared.

You should be able to take on Mushpoies, I know, they’re alot high level than you, your only maybe 75, but I was able to take them on at 70. You should be able to, too!

Continue to train on these, Irens, and if you’d like to really go for it, Wantangkas.

I realize, v12 has released a Tower that has high level monsters in it. I will NOT be reporting on this, I lagg too much to even DARE to go inside. Also, horrible exp gain rate in there.

After Wantangkas, you should go to The trees, Antiquery. If you find these are too easy for you, try Luias. Most people have 1 day azria tickets, and just train there instead of Luias, Kerns, and Glaphs. At this level you should know what to kill next.

Thanks to everyone that has read this, I hope this will help you with all your leveling needs. Tips are welcome, and helping other players that comment when I cannot is greatly appreciated. Once again, thanks. Happy Gaming!
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PostSubject: Re: Flyff Leveling Guide   Flyff Leveling Guide Icon_minitimeMon Feb 01, 2010 9:34 pm

Actually, Grrs and Dumps are much higher now :s They're in the 87-89 for Grrs and 90-92 for the Dumps.
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Flyff Leveling Guide
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