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 in-game rules

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in-game rules Empty
PostSubject: in-game rules   in-game rules Icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 10:40 am

yep so here they are.

1.Do NOT start saying "OOH EM GEEEEEE GEEE EMMM GIVE MEAH BLUDEH SETS!!!11!1!" you say that shit,and i will ban hammer your ass.

2.Dont cyber.Its for retards.

3.Dont bot,or ill ban hammer you.

4.Dont spam,ill ban hammer you.

5.Dont be a bish to other players,or I will perma-kill you.

6.Do not and i mean DO NOT piss me off.

anywho. ill update these as i go along.
dont do any. kthx.


im a soldier
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in-game rules
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